About me

Hey there! I am Saunved.

I write stories and articles about a wide variety of topics ranging from personal experiences to fictional worlds, or often times, a mix of both. I am a software engineer by profession, so I occasionally write tech guides or articles pertaining to programming.

A few books that have really left a mark on me include the LoTR series, The Fountainhead, And Then There Were None, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Sherlock, of course!

I am "owned" by two cats, adopted back in 2017. They're fun to have around, and they do a lot of random, crazy things on a daily basis!

You can talk to me about startups, technology, movies - especially animated movies, pets, running, and anything fun and random!

Why this website?

I have always wanted to have an independent space on the internet, free from the constraints of the common content management systems, or the whims of publishing platforms.

Part of the reason for creating this website is the joy of coding it from the ground up. Also, I really enjoy writing, so this is a perfect mix of both for me.

How is this website made?

This website is created using a framework called Next.js along with Tailwind for the styling. I write the content in a format called MDX.

The site is hosted on GitHub and is connected to Vercel for deployments. I am also using Buttondown for creating a subscriber list for this website's newsletter.

Besides the few hours I have spent building it (maybe 16-20 hours), and the cost of my domain, this setup is entirely free (so far). I am hoping to make certain parts of this site open source so that other developers can reuse parts of it if they wish to.

Why subscribe?

If you subscribe, you will occasionally be treated to an email with a summary of my posts over the last week or two.

If you like reading witty stories, enjoy being pulled into fictional worlds, or you're interested in software engineering, then you should consider subscribing.

Your email won't be shared anywhere else, and I won't spam you. You also get to see a cool cat picture after you subscribe, so there's that!